Viewing a Report of Administrative Actions

You can create an administrative actions report showing the changes administrators make in Advance applications for a specific tenancy. For example, you use this report if you want to verify users' administrative permissions.

You must have the Site Administrator role to view reports.


You can download a report from Advance showing the following information:

Column title Description
User login name The user's email address. If the user is a Root Administrator, this is set to system account.
User ID The unique identifier for each user.
Last name The user's last name.
First name The user's first name.
Unique client name The unique identifier for the Advance application from which the action takes place.
Action A description of the action performed by the user, e.g. "User group created" or "Work group edited".
Description A further description of the artefact on which the user performed the action.

Actions performed by standard users are not recorded.

To view reports for your tenancy

  1. In the Administration section, click  Reports.
  2. Select Administrative actions report - (last 90 days).
  3. Click Manage templates Generate to download the report.

The report is downloaded in CSV format. You can open the downloaded report file using an application on your own computer. For example, using a spreadsheet application.

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