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Adding a Placeholder Field for an Auxiliary Template

When you're editing a template, you use the HotDocs Field Editor to add a placeholder field to the template to reference an auxiliary template.

If you want to turn some of your current template into an auxiliary template, see Creating a New Template from Selection.

To add a placeholder field for an auxiliary template

  1. Open a template.
  2. Select the text you want to replace, or position the cursor where you want to add the contents of another template during document assembly.
  3. In the HotDocs Field Editor, from the Action list, select Add a placeholder.
  4. In the Placeholder type list External files group, click Auxiliary Template.
  5. In the Field properties Template file Name field, either click the drop-down arrow and select a file name, or type the name of the file (remembering to include the file extension).

If you type a file name that does not exist, (for a template) you can click Create Now to create a new, empty auxiliary template.

  1. The following tasks are optional:
    • (Optional) View or edit the auxiliary template's properties by clicking Template Properties.
    • (Optional) Expand Advanced properties to edit further properties (such as Keep auxiliary template's header and/or footer).
  2. Click Add Field.