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Assembling Another Template

The ASSEMBLE instruction tells HotDocs to add the selected template to the assembly queue directly after the current assembly. There are two areas where you can use this instruction:

To add an ASSEMBLE instruction to a text template using the Field Editor

  1. Open a template for editing.
  1. In the HotDocs Field Editor, click More...
  2. In the Other Operations Action list, click Assemble another template.
  3. Either click the drop-down arrow and select a template file name, or type the template file (remembering to include the file extension).

If you type a file name that does not exist, you can click Create Now to create a new, empty template.

  1. The following tasks are optional:
    • (Optional) To edit the selected template, click the Edit button.
    • (Optional) To view or change the selected template's properties, click Template Properties.
    • (Optional) To stop HotDocs displaying the selected template's interview, select Suppress Interview.
  2. Click Add Field.

HotDocs adds an ASSEMBLE instruction field to the template where your cursor was.

To add an ASSEMBLE instruction to a computation

  1. Open a computation for editing.
  2. In the right pane of the script editor, select the Models tab.
  3. Expand the General Instructions list.
  4. Drag the ASSEMBLE instruction model into the main script tab.
  5. Delete File name and in its place type the file name of an existing template, for example your completed ASSEMBLE instruction could look like this: ASSEMBLE "EmploymentContract.docx"

The template must be from the same workspace as the current component file. Do not forget the file extension.

  1. Click Save.

When HotDocs encounters this computation during assembly, it adds the selected template to the assembly queue.

You can make ASSEMBLE instructions conditional by surrounding them with an IF instruction.