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Editing a Component

You can open a component editor in a few different places in HotDocs Author:

To Edit a Component from the Field Editor in an Open Template

  • In the template, click the placeholder field containing the component you want to edit, and then in the Field Editor pane click Edit component.

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  • In a form template, select the field and click Edit Component.

To use Component Studio to Edit a Component

  1. Open Component Studio
  2. (Optional) To filter the components list, in the Components pane, click the All Components drop-down arrow; then click the component type you want to filter.
  3. Select a component from the list to view it in the main pane or double-click the component to pin it open for editing.

There are different properties you can edit for each component type:

Any change you make in Component Studio, whether made in the script box or any other property, can be undone using the Undo button in Component Studio.

To Edit a Component from the HotDocs Test Browser

  1. Test a template.
  2. Right-click on a component in the main interview pane.
  3. Select Edit Component

Component Studio opens with the selected component pinned open for editing. Once you finish editing, you can relaunch the test interview to see your changes.