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Computation RESULT

RESULT is a system local variable (in computations) that stores the result of the computation while it is processed; the computation returns the value of RESULT once it is completely processed.

As you write computations, you often need Author to acknowledge what the result would be at that point in the script. You can update this answer by using the RESULT expression.

Expression name Model After you drag and drop the model into the script tab: Expression returns:


Blank – you provide the expression you want HotDocs to find the result of (see example below). A date, number, text or true/false value


Suppose you are creating a list of editors. You want to combine Editor First Name TE and Editor Last Name TE as well as the literal text Editor:. You must use RESULT to force HotDocs to acknowledge the result of the computation before you add the next item to the text string:


REPEAT Editor Information

RESULT + Editor First Name + " " + Editor Last Name + ", Editor" + "



In this computation, the RESULT expression returns the value of Editor First Name and adds it to the value of Editor Last Name. The RESULT expression updates the list each time a new editor is added to the list. If no RESULT expression were used, HotDocs would merge just the first name entered in the list.