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Creating a Repeated Dialog Using Component Studio

Instead of creating a repeated region in the template, you can choose to create a repeated dialog using Component Studio.

To create a repeated dialog using Component Studio

  1. Open Component Studio.
  2. Click New > Dialog.
  3. In the Name field, type your dialog name.
  4. In the Repetition drop-down, select:
    • None - Creates a dialog without a repetition.
    • Series - Creates a dialog containing an answer field for each variable. The user can choose to fill in another repetition of this dialog's questions by clicking a button at the bottom of the dialog.
    • Spreadsheet - Creates a dialog containing a spreadsheet that has a column for each variable on the dialog. Each spreadsheet row is a repetition of the dialog's questions. The user can choose to fill in as many rows as they need.
  1. Click OK.
  2. Add the variables you want to repeat.
  3. (Optional) Use the dialog editor to further customize your dialog.