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FORMAT Instruction

The FORMAT instruction enables you to type a list format to punctuate a list of answers you gather using a repeated dialog.

The REPEAT instruction is only available when you are creating a computation but you can access the same functionality from the Field Editor when you're adding a repeated region in a template.

You can use a FORMAT instruction in a computation to provide the same functionality as the Format property in the field editor when you're modifying a repeated region in a template. However rather than selecting a format from a drop-down list, in a computation you need to write out one of the list formats in your component file.

You can only use a FORMAT instruction between a REPEAT instruction and an END REPEAT instruction.

Instruction name Model After you drag and drop the model into the script tab:
FORMAT FORMAT "List_format" Replace "List_format" with the list format you want HotDocs to use when it adds this list to the template.


For example, perhaps you want the items in your list to appear with a (Oxford) comma preceding the and at the end of your list. Your script would look like this:

"" REPEAT Education Information

FORMAT "A, B, and C"

RESULT + Degree Designation



Once a user has provided the list of educational degrees in Education Information, the FORMAT instruction ensures that the requisite commas are in place.