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REPEAT Instruction

A REPEAT instruction tells HotDocs to process each repetition of the repeat dialog you specify. The REPEAT Enables you to specify a repeated dialog for gathering a list of answers from your template user and instructs HotDocs to build a list into your assembled document. You add the REPEAT instruction to an instruction field in your template when you create a repeated region.  You can also add a REPEAT to a computation.

You must use an END REPEAT instruction after a REPEAT instruction to close the repeated region.

Repeat Instruction Model (for Computations)

Instruction name Model After you drag and drop the model into the script tab:
REPEAT REPEAT ⟦DIALOG Replace ⟦DIALOG with the repeated dialog you want to use in the interview to gather multiple answers from your template users.

Nested Repeats

If you want to create sub-lists within your main list you can nest REPEAT instructions (up to four levels deep) by placing one REPEAT instruction inside another. For example, you might use a REPEAT instruction to create a list of a client's children and then for each child you might use another REPEAT instruction to create a list of their children.

Modify Your List Outputs

When you add a repeated region to a template using the Field Editor, you can modify the list using the Field Editor's Advanced Properties. In a computation you can use the ASCEND, DESCEND, FILTER, and FORMAT instructions.


The following examples gather a list of book editors from your template users during an interview; then add the list into the assembled document.

Instruction Field Example

The first is a simple instruction field you add using the Field Editor. This example references a dialog you would create called Editor Information that contains two Text variables: EditorFirstName and EditorLastName. To create your repeated region, in your template, you would select Editor: [Editor First Name] [Editor Last Name]and then in the Field Editor, click Create a Repeated Region. This results in the following:

[REPEAT Editor Information]

Editor: [Editor First Name] [Editor Last Name]


Computation Example

The computation script below references two repeated dialogs – one nested in the other (BookInformation is nested within EditorInformation). This not only produces a list of editors – it also gathers a list of the titles and authors each editor is currently working with:


REPEAT Editor Information

RESULT + "Editor: " + Editor First Name + " " + Editor Last Name + "


REPEAT Book Information

RESULT + "Book Title : " + Book Title + "

" + "Author: " + Author First Name + " " + Author Last Name + "