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Field Editor: Popup Expression Editor

The Popup Expression Editor appears in the HotDocs Field Editor in situations where you can use HotDocs scripting to create and edit expressions. The Popup Expression Editor uses the same syntax highlighting and error validation available in the computations you write in the Component Studio.

You access the Popup Expression Editor by navigating to one of the following locations from the main HotDocs Field Editor interface:

  • Create a Conditional Region > Expression > Field Properties > Ellipsis button (...)
  • Create a Conditional Region > Computation > Parameters > Ellipsis button (...)
  • Add a Placeholder > Computation > Parameters > Ellipsis button (...)

The parameters section of the Field properties only appears if you choose a computation in which you previously added parameters (you can add them to a computation by clicking the edit button next to a computation in the Field Editor). Also, the Popup Expression Editor does not appear when you navigate to Add a Placeholder > Other Expression in the Field Editor. Instead, there is a simple text box at this location that enables you to type an expression, but does not include the scripting interface provided in the Popup Expression Editor.

Common Tasks

Among others, the Popup Expression Editor enables you to perform the following common tasks:

Popup Expression Editor Interface: Scripting

The Popup Expression Editor interface is a scaled down version of the script tab you find in Computation Editors and Dialog Editors.

You can use this editor to create an expression to return a data value. Drag and drop a model from the Models tab and replace the placeholders by dragging and dropping a component from the Components tab to begin creating your script.

Element What it does
Find(CTRL+F) Opens the Find dialog so you can search for specific text within your script. Check boxes enable you to search based on the case of the text you type, as well as searching for entire words.
Find next(F3) Enables you to search your script for another instance of the text you already searched for using the Find dialog. Check boxes enable you to search based on the case of the text you type, as well as searching for entire words.
Find and Replace(CTRL+H) Opens the Find and Replace dialog, so you can search for and replace text within your script.

Components and Models Interface

To the right of the scripting interface, you can access the Components and Models you need to write your expression script.

You cannot create a new component from this interface.

Components Tab

Displays a filterable list of components contained in the component file.

Element What it Does
Search box Enables you to quickly locate components within the component file that you can add to the current component. As you type, search results display immediately. You can clear the search box by clicking X.
Filter (Available Components) You can filter your search results by the following parameters you select the various options:

All Components – displays all components in your component file

  • All Variables – displays all variables in your component file
  • Dialogs displays only the dialogs in your component file
  • Computations displays only the computations in your component file
  • Fixed Tables displays only the Fixed Tables in your component file
  • Dialog Elements displays only the dialog elements in your component file
Sort (drop-down arrow) Enables you to sort the component file's components. You can choose between the following sort options:
  • by Name—sorts components by their names from A to Z
  • by Type—places variables first, followed by computations, Table variables, Single Select or Multi Select variables, dialogs, and finally Fixed Tables; this order is reversed when Reverse is also selected
  • Natural—sorts components from A to Z
  • Reverse—sorts components from Z to A
Create Enables you to create a component depending on the type you select in the drop-down list.

If you set the Filter (All Components) on the left to a given type, the create button displays and creates this type when you click the create button.

Component list pane Displays the contents of the component file according to search parameters, sorting, and any filters or multiple selection you apply. Select a component from the list to view it in the right pane, or double-click a component to pin it open for editing.

Models Tab

Displays the list of instruction and expression models that are available for you to use in this script. To add one or more models to the script, drag and drop them into the script editor. Then you can drag items from the Components tab and drop them on the model placeholders to complete the line of script.