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HIDE ALL Instruction

The HIDE ALL instruction makes all of the components on the dialog invisible to the template user during an interview.

The HIDE ALL instruction is only available when you are creating a dialog script in the Script tab of the dialog editor.

In a dialog, you may have multiple questions that are only applicable when the template user provides a certain answer to a preceding question or for a certain configuration of the template. For example, the first question on a dialog might ask if the template user has children. If they answer yes, then all the subsequent questions asking the children's names and ages are applicable, but if they answer no, those questions aren't applicable and HotDocs can hide them.

Instruction name Model After you drag and drop the model into the script tab:
HIDE ALL HIDE ALL You don't need to do anything further with this model.


A bank needs a new template for their in-branch staff to use when a customer wants to open a new account. The bank will need to know if someone is filling out the interview on their behalf (for example, a parent filling out documents for a child).

If the customer is entering their own details, the banker wants the dialog to display a Text variable called CustomerName. If someone else is filling in the details, they want the dialog to show CustomerName, plus two further Text variables called OtherName (where the template user types their own name) and RelationshipCustomer (where the template user types their relationship to the customer).

To do this, the banker creates a True/False variable called CustomerTF that asks the template user "Are you the customer on this account?"; then HotDocs can display the correct variables depending on the template user's answer.

In the script tab of the dialog editor, the template author creates the following script:


SHOW  CustomerTF

IF  CustomerTF

SHOW  CustomerName


SHOW  CustomerName

SHOW  OtherName

SHOW  RelationshipCustomer


First, HotDocs hides all of the variables on the dialog. Then, the SHOW instruction tells HotDocs to immediately show CustomerTF, enabling the template user to select Yes or No to the question "Are you the customer on this account?". If they select Yes, the condition is met for the IF instruction and HotDocs only shows CustomerName. If they select No, the condition is instead met for the ELSE instruction and HotDocs shows all three remaining variables. The END IF instruction closes the list of conditional options.