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INSERT Instruction

The INSERT instruction places the contents of a file you specify at the location of the INSERT during document assembly.

You may only use INSERT Instructions in computation components. If you want to insert a template directly into another template without using a computation, see Adding a Placeholder Field for an Auxiliary Template.

When HotDocs encounters an INSERT instruction in a script, it immediately begins processing the inserted template. If there are any variables to be answered in the inserted template, HotDocs asks them before finishing the interview.

You can create an INSERT instruction in the script of a computation component. You must add a placeholder for the computation in your template where you want HotDocs to insert the contents of your file. 

Inserted text templates may have formatting that differs from the original template. Headers, footers, and margins can often be controlled more easily by using word processor section breaks.

Instruction name Model After you drag and drop the model into the script tab:
INSERT INSERT "File name.docx" Replace "File name" with the name of the template (including the file extension). The template must be saved in the same workspace folder.


An organization will often need to repeat sections of information across their documents, such as company letterheads or attorney information. Instead of recreating these information blocks each time you automate a template, you can create a template for the specific section of information and then use an INSERT instruction to include it in your template. For example, if you have an attorney information block you use in pleadings, you can create a template that contains the attorney information and then use an INSERT instruction to insert it into the templates where you require the information:

[IF Attorney Information Required]

[Attorney Information Block]