Match Opening Instructions with Closing Instructions

Every IF or REPEAT instruction inserted in a template must include an END IF or END REPEAT instruction. Without both of these instructions, you will receive an error when you attempt to assemble a document. However, sometimes during the course of editing a template, you may inadvertently delete or move part of the instruction. Doing so will cause errors when you attempt to assemble the document. To troubleshoot errors like this, you can use the Field Editor to navigate between the different parts of the instruction. Likewise, if you have an intricate section of nested instructions, you can pair these different parts of the instruction for clarity.

There is an exception when using a repeated row in a table. See Using a Word Processor Table to Display a List.

To match opening instructions with their closing instructions

  1. Open the template for editing.
  2. From the HotDocs Author ribbon, select the HotDocs Field Editor.
  3. Place the cursor inside any field related to your instruction. For example if you are trying to find the opening instruction of an IF instruction, you could place your cursor in an ELSE, ELSE IF or END IF instruction.
  4. A set of buttons displays in the toolbar at the bottom of the Field Editor pane. You use these buttons to navigate between the corresponding instructions to the one selected.

    Using the <> buttons finds the next HotDocs field, not the next field corresponding to the selected instruction.

  5. If your instruction does not have an END IF or END REPEAT instruction, an error shows.