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Template Upload Overview

When you upload a template to HotDocs Advance, HotDocs packages up your template with any auxiliary templates or other needed files (such as images), then uploads your template package to HotDocs Advance so your template users can access your template. You upload your template using the Upload Destinations features of Workspace Explorer.


The template upload functionality enables you to upload a template (or templates) to the staging area of HotDocs Advance. You, or an Advance administrator, can then make your template accessible to your template users. Uploading a template is the final step you take when you automate a HotDocs Author template.

Common Tasks

The template upload feature enables you to perform the following common tasks:


Before you can upload a template to HotDocs Advance, you must first use the Workspace menu to add an upload destination to your workspace. Once you do this, you click the Upload button. HotDocs then packages your template with any auxiliary templates (or other files your template uses) and then uploads the template package to the Advance upload destination.

Once you successfully upload a template, you click Continue to access HotDocs Advance and publish your template to your template users.

Common Reference Topics

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