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UNGRAY Instruction

The UNGRAY instruction re-enables the previously grayed component you specify, allowing the template user to interact with the component.

The UNGRAY instruction is only available when you are creating a dialog script in the Script tab of the dialog editor.

After you use the GRAY or GRAY ALL instruction to stop the template user from interacting with a component, you may need to later ungray a variable on the dialog. For example, when the template user meets a required condition and the previously grayed variables are now relevant.

Instruction name Model After you drag and drop the model into the script tab:
UNGRAY UNGRAY ⟦VAR⟧ Replace ⟦VAR⟧ with the variable in the dialog that you want to ungray and enable the template user to answer.


While creating a tax form, the template author only needs the end-user to enter their country of residence if it is outside of the continental United States. They have a dialog containing two variables:

OutsideUS – A True/False variable which asks "Do you currently live outside of the continental United States?"

ClientAddress – A Text variable for collecting the end-user's address.

The template author only wants ClientAddress to be available to the end-user if they select Yes in response to the question asked by the OutsideUS True/False variable. They add the following script to the script tab of the dialog editor:

GRAY  ClientAddress

IF  OutsideUS

UNGRAY  ClientAddress


Now when the dialog first opens, ClientAddress is grayed and unaccessible. When the end-user selects Yes, the condition of the IF instruction is met and ClientAddress ungrays and becomes active. If the end-user selects No, ClientAddress stays gray and they can move on to the next dialog in the interview. The END IF instruction here closes the conditional region of the script.