HotDocs Desktop Release Notes

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  1. About HotDocs Desktop Release Notes
  2. New Features and Enhancements
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About HotDocs Desktop Release Notes

HotDocs Desktop products are installable software products to enable template creation and document assembly.

These products include:

  • HotDocs Developer
  • HotDocs User
  • HotDocs Player

New Features and Enhancements

The following incremental releases contain new features and enhancements: 

Release (18 May 2023)

  • Signing certificates, including those for Microsoft Word macros, have now been updated.
  • Minor UI-text changes.

Release (8 November 2021)

  • MSXML6.0 SP1 is no longer a prerequisite for HotDocs Desktop installation.

Bug fixes

  • Installation of HotDocs User no longer causes a missing add-in error when starting Microsoft Word.

Release (24 March 2021)

  • The Open XML SDK is no longer a prerequisite. It is now a package within the product and has been updated to the recent version 2.9.1.
  • The macros used with Microsoft Word now include a digital timestamp which allows Microsoft Word to attempt to renew the signing certificate if internet access is available.
  • Microsoft Word 2003 is no longer supported - the option to select that word processor is no longer present during the installation, nor from the Options menu in Developer.
  • Support for Corel WordPerfect has been downgraded. Newer versions of Corel WordPerfect (X8 and beyond) will not be supported in the product.
  • The legacy Answer Mapping schema is no longer installed.
  • The Silverlight Runtime and SDK are no longer installed for new installations.
  • The Silverlight version of a template is no longer built for inclusion in the upload package.

Contact HotDocs Support if you have a requirement to continue to use Silverlight templates.

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