Controlling How Many Rows are Visible in a Spreadsheet Dialog

By default, for a spreadsheet dialog, HotDocs displays 10 rows of the spreadsheet. If you need to display more or less than this number of rows, you can enter a specific number at the Dialog Editor. (This option doesn't limit the number of answers a user can enter—it only controls the number of answers that a user can view at any given time.)

To change the number of viewable rows in a spreadsheet

  1. Edit the REPEAT instruction.
  2. To open the Dialog Editor, click the Edit Component button.
  3. Click the Style drop-down button; then choose Spreadsheet.
  4. In the Rows to display field, either type a number, or click the up or down arrows to select a number.

This feature only alters the amount of spreadsheet rows displayed in the interview and will not stop the user from entering information in further rows. The user can view the additional rows by using the scroll bar on the spreadsheet. To limit the amount of rows that the user can create see LIMIT NUM.

The Rows to display feature is not compatible with templates published for HotDocs Server. You can not see the effect of any alteration you make to this field in the Server interview.