Editing a REPEAT Instruction

You can make changes to REPEAT instructions, including editing the repeated dialog's contents, adding punctuation to the list of answers, choosing an answer-sorting order, and adding a filter.

To edit a REPEAT instruction

  1. Position the cursor in the opening REPEAT instruction.
  2. Click the REPEAT Field button. The REPEAT Field dialog box appears with the repeated dialog already selected.
  3. Make any of the following optional changes:
    • Click the Edit Component button to edit the dialog (including adding or removing variables from the dialog and selecting presentation options for the dialog.)
    • Click the Format drop-down button and select a punctuation format.
    • Click Show Advanced to specify a sorting order and add a filter.

If you're using a complicated series of REPEAT instructions, you can match REPEAT instructions with END REPEAT instructions. You can also assign color coding to REPEAT instructions to help you view relationships between the REPEATS and other instructions in the template.