Punctuating a Sentence-Style List

If you want to insert a list in sentence style, you must choose the punctuation you want to use. If you don’t choose a punctuation style, the list runs together without any punctuation or spaces—for example, DanielNathanEmilyKate. Once you select a punctuation style, HotDocs inserts that style of punctuation in the list—for example, Daniel, Nathan, Emily, and Kate.

To punctuate a list

  1. At the template, edit the REPEAT instruction you want to punctuate.
  2. Click the Format drop-down button.
  3. Select a punctuation style, as explained in the following table:
To Do This
Insert a comma even when there are only two items Choose a, and b.
Punctuate a list, but keep and from being used Choose a, b.
Keep the last comma before and from being inserted Choose a, b and c.
Use or instead of and Choose a, b, or c.
Use semicolons instead of commas between list items Choose a; b; and c.
Enter your own punctuation style Type your style in the Format field. Base it on the other formats in the list. For example, you could use or or some other text instead of and, or you could use a semicolon instead of a comma.

You can also create a list in one or more columns.

You can punctuate the same list differently at another place in the document. Choose a punctuation style separately at each REPEAT instruction field.