Customizing REPEAT Titles

You can customize the dialog titles used for each repetition in a repeated series of dialogs.

To customize the title of the repeated dialog

  1. Edit the repeated dialog.
  2. At the Style drop-down list, select Repeated Series.
  3. Type a generic title in the Series Label text box.
  4. Right-click the Title text box and choose Variable Field.
  5. Choose Computation as the Variable type and type a name in the Name field.
  6. ClickEdit Component.
  7. In the Script field, enter the script that tests whether the user has answered the variable you want to use in the title. The script should also merge the text you want HotDocs to use in the title. An example script would be:

VALUE(Beneficiary Name, "Next Beneficiary")

  1. Click OK at both the Computation Editor and at the Variable Field dialog box. HotDocs merges the variable in the title field.
  2. Click OK to close the Dialog Editor