Upgrading Hub to a version that does not use ApacheDS

Do not uninstall ApacheDS and ApacheDirectory studio until after the upgrade process is complete.

If you currently have HotDocs Hub version 1.24.0 or earlier installed, upgrading your Hub installation to version 1.25.0 or later will automatically move Hub user accounts from ApacheDS to SQL server. ApacheDS and Apache Directory Studio are not required by this version of Hub and can be removed after you upgrade.


Hub automatically performs the migration once the User Admin service (the HotDocsUserAdmin application in IIS) is first accessed after the upgrade. For example, by a user logging in to the Hub UI. Hub then transfers the details of all Hub users in ApacheDS to new database tables in SQL Server.

Upgrading Hub

To upgrade Hub, follow the Upgrading HotDocs Hub to a later version steps. You should then log in to the Hub UI, to start the migration process.

Post-upgrade checks

After the upgrade, you should check the migration log files to confirm that the migration completed successfully. If the migration was successful, you can now uninstall ApacheDS and Apache Directory Studio.

Re-running the migration

If the log files indicate that some user accounts have not migrated successfully, you should delete the UserAdminStore database in SQL Server, restart the IIS website under which Hub is installed, and try to login to the Hub UI. This will cause Hub to perform the migration again.



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