Upload Plugin Overview

See Template Upload Overview in the HotDocs Author help file for more information about uploading a template to Hub.

The Upload Plugin for HotDocs Developer enables template authors to upload templates from HotDocs Developer to the HotDocs Hub.


The Upload Plugin is only required by users with the Template Uploader user role. These users are template authors, creating HotDocs templates using HotDocs Developer. Any other users accessing the HotDocs Hub do not need the Upload Plugin installed.

Common Tasks


Before you can use the Hub to manage a HotDocs template you created using HotDocs Developer, you must first upload the template.

HotDocs Templates

A HotDocs template is a software component created in HotDocs Developer. A template is comprised of static text (the parts of the document which remain the same every time HotDocs generates the document), the variable fields (which are replaced with new information collected from the interview questions), and any template logic needed. Templates are used to generate interviews and assemble completed documents.