HotDocs Hub User Guide Overview

HotDocs Hub is a suite of components that provides template management and Interview tools for use with HotDocs. The functions the Hub applications provide – including template and user management – augment the core HotDocs interview and document generation functions.

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Third-parties who create applications to integrate with HotDocs typically require several additional features:

  • Template storage and organization
  • Template access permissions for users
  • Interview generation services
  • User authentication and authorization

HotDocs Hub is a pre-built set of tools that provides all of these features as a web application, accessible through your web browser.


  • HotDocs Hub – the HotDocs Hub is a suite of off-the-shelf-components providing commonly-needed features for HotDocs integrations
  • HotDocs Core Assembly Service – a web application that provides HotDocs' core document assembly functionality
  • HotDocs Interview – an interview is a questionnaire displayed to end users; it collects data used to assemble a completed document
  • HotDocs Template – a template is a software component created in HotDocs AuthorDeveloper. Templates are used to generate interviews and assemble completed documents. A template is comprised of:
    • Boilerplate text – the parts of the document which remain the same every time HotDocs generates the document
    • Variable fields – fields which are replaced with new information collected from the interview questions
    • Template logic – any HotDocs logic statements (e.g. IF conditions, computations) used in the template
  • Tenancy administrator – user with overall control of the HotDocs Hub, including configuration and user account creation

Using the HotDocs Hub

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