HotDocs Hub Release Notes

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Table of Contents

  1. About HotDocs Hub Release Notes
  2. End User Alerts
  3. New Features and Enhancements

About HotDocs Hub Release Notes

HotDocs Hub is an off-the-shelf, modular suite of components for use with HotDocs integrations. It includes components for template management, user management, and interview generation services. HotDocs Server and HotDocs Hub functionality overlaps in two areas:

Browser Interview functionality also appears in the Test in Browser feature of HotDocs Developer

HotDocs Hub specific API and integration feature enhancements and bug fixes appear only in these release notes.

End User Alerts

Upgrading HotDocs Hub from version 1.24.0 or earlier

Hub versions after 1.24.0 no longer use ApacheDS for user account management. When upgrading from Hub version 1.24.0 or earlier to a later version, you should follow the Upgrading Hub to a version that does not use ApacheDS steps in the Hub help file.

Changes to prerequisites for HotDocs Hub 1.22.a

ApacheDS is no longer required for new on-premise installations of HotDocs Hub.

Upgrading HotDocs Hub to 1.17.0 and later when using HotDocs Web Services

If you are using HotDocs Web Services with Hub and are upgrading to Hub version or later, you must perform additional upgrade steps when performing the upgrade. See Upgrading HotDocs Hub to a later version (step 7) for more information.

Upgrading HotDocs Hub to 1.15.0 and later when using work items

If you are using work items in Hub and are upgrading to Hub version or later, you must run an additional upgrade script when performing the upgrade. See Upgrading HotDocs Hub to a later version (step 8) for more information.

Changes to template IDs in HotDocs Hub 1.3.0

HotDocs Hub version 1.3.0 contains a significant change to how template IDs are assigned when you upload templates to Hub.

Templates uploaded to Hub are now identified using the same template ID as in their template package file; they are not assigned a new, Hub-specific ID when uploaded to Hub. The upgrade changes existing template IDs to the ID from the template package file.

If you currently use the Template Hub API and are directly referencing a template ID in your application, the template ID will no longer be valid when you upgrade to Hub 1.3.0. You will need to update your references to the new template IDs.

See Changes to template IDs in HotDocs Hub 1.3.0 for more information.

New Features and Enhancements

The following HotDocs Hub incremental releases contain new features and enhancements:

1.47.0 (12/06/2019)

  • Ensure that TLS 1.2 can be enabled, by targeting .NET Framework 4.6.

1.46.0 (06/15/2018)

  • This release comprises numerous internal improvements to Hub services.

1.38.0 (03/01/2018)

  • The Hub UI now consistently displays US dates when users access the UI from a browser using the US locale. (SOL-3008)

1.37.0 (02/14/2018)

  • Redundant UI elements are now removed from the Import Active Directory Group page of the Hub UI. (SOL-2451)

1.35.0 (01/17/2018)

  • This release comprises numerous internal improvements to Hub services.

1.34.0 (01/03/2018)

  • The correct live version number for a template is now returned by API requests (SOL-2489)

1.33.0 (12/21/2017)

  • The Hub installation process now uses a standalone configuration settings file to configure Hub services (SOL-2335)

1.32.0 (12/06/2017)

  • This release comprises numerous internal improvements to Hub services.

1.31.0 (11/22/2017)

  • The User Admin API now returns the correct total of users when using the filter parameter  (SOL-2906)
  • The paged templates (GET /api/Templates/pages) method in the Template Hub API now provides a filter parameter (SOL-2716)

1.30.0 (11/08/2017)

  • You can now run the post-installation Invoke script more than once without the requirement to re-install Hub between attempts (SOL-2873)
  • You no longer receive an unnecessary "Active Directory user SID not found" error when installing Hub without Active Directory (SOL-2872)
  • The Upload Plugin secret no longer reverts to its default value when IIS is restarted (SOL-2877)

1.29.0 (10/25/2017)

  • Perform Interview and Copy Interview Link functionality is now removed from the Hub UI Templates page (SOL-2538)

1.28.0 (10/11/2017)

  • Answers containing certain special characters no longer cause an XML validation error when you copy work items (SOL-2826)

1.27.0 (09/27/2017)

  • The Hub with Active Directory installation process now automatically configures settings that previously required manual configuration (SOL-2344)
  •  The GET /api/users/paged API method for the User Admin Service now enables you to filter results (SOL-2715)

1.26.0 (09/13/2017)

  • This release comprises numerous internal improvements to Hub services.

1.25.0 (08/30/2017)

  • When you upgrade Hub it now migrates existing user accounts from ApacheDS to SQL Server (SOL-2643)
  • Work items created by an on-premise user that is subsequently deleted now display a "user unavailable" status on the work item details page (SOL-2692)

1.24.0 (08/15/2017)

  • Hub now suppresses certain headers in API responses (SOL-2503)

1.22.a (07/11/2017)

This release is an on-premise only release.

  • New Hub installations now store user account data in SQL Server; ApacheDS is no longer a prerequisite for Hub (SOL-2643)
  • The Templates page is no longer displayed to users with the 'template user' role, as they can now always use the work items page to perform interviews (SOL-2437)
  • Users now receive a message if an error occurs while they are resetting their password (SOL-2619)

1.21.00 (05/09/2017)

  • The work items feature is now always enabled (SOL-2544)
  • Interview-only templates containing ASSEMBLE instructions now work in an on-premise Hub installation (SOL-2551)
  • Updated static content now appears automatically without users clearing their cache (SOL-2477)

1.20.00 (04/25/2017)

  • Answer sets are now deleted when the work item with which they are associated is deleted (SOL-2198)
  • Active directory users with periods in their user name now display correctly on the user details page (SOL-2527)
  • You can now upload and assemble templates with a large file size (SOL-2511)

1.19.00 (04/11/2017)

  • You can now still access a work item's details page when the template used by the work item is deleted (SOL-2452)
  • Active Directory users imported to Hub now use the same user name as in Active Directory (SOL-2453)
  • Help links in the Hub UI for on-premise installations now point to the latest version of the help file (SOL-2419)

1.18.00 (03/28/2017)

  • You can now reuse answer data from an existing work item when creating a new work item (SOL-2041)
  • Links to documentation on Hub application landing pages now links to the latest version of the help file (SOL-2258)
  • Users are now redirected to the work item record page after they complete an interview for a work item (SOL-2227)

1.17.00 (03/14/2017)

  • Answer set XSD is now updated to handle special cases in HotDocs Developer templates (SOL-2383)
  • Hub now always uses the most up-to-date version of the interview runtime files and stylesheets (SOL-2351)
  • Hub now exclusively uses stateless interviews (SOL-2392)
  • Web.config files for Hub applications now contain comments for configuration settings (SOL-2314)

1.16.00 (03/01/2017)

  • The Forward Publishing dialog now prompts you for a correct date if you set a forward publishing date in the past (SOL-2299)
  • Interviews now work in on-premise environments without an internet connection (SOL-2331)
  • User names containing period characters now display correctly on the user details page (SOL-2367)
  • You can now log into the Hub from your tenancy's landing page; for example, (SOL-2371)

1.15.00 (02/14/2017)

  • Work items without assembled documents now display a work item details page (SOL-1991)
  • Template and TemplateVersions APIs now return variable and dialog information. (SOL-2292)
  • Special characters are now displayed in template group descriptions (SOL-2290)

1.14.00 (01/31/2017)

  • The login page of the Hub UI is now restyled (SOL-2128)
  • You can no longer create a work item with a title only containing whitespace characters (SOL-2138)
  • The HotDocs logo now renders correctly in IE11 and Edge browsers. (SOL-2213)

1.13.00 (01/16/2017)

  • You can now filter work items by name in the work items list (SOL-1573)
  • If an Active Directory user account causes an error when importing an Active Directory group, the import will now continue for the remaining users (SOL-2157)

1.12.00 (01/03/2017)

  • Admin users can now delete work items created by other users (SOL-2084)
  • Admin users can now rename work items created by other users (SOL-2119)
  • The navigation bar and page background of the Hub UI are restyled (SOL-2129)

1.11.00 (12/20/2016)

  • Admin users can now launch interviews for work items created by other users (SOL-2095)
  • You can now edit a work item's title (SOL-1980)

1.10.00 (12/07/2016)

  • You can now permanently delete work items (SOL-1802)
  • Admin users can now access all work items (SOL-1830)
  • Editing a user no longer defaults to sending the user a login e-mail (SOL-2035)
  • A GET work items API request now returns the correct work items total (SOL-1979)
  • The Work Items list now updates in IE11 when a new work item is added (SOL-2018)

1.9.0 (11/23/2016)

  • After you complete an interview, Hub now saves your interview answers in the work item. Integrators can now use the Hub API to query an answer set, associated with a Work Item, from the Answers Service. (SOL-1963)
  • You can now relaunch a work item interview to edit your answers and re-assemble any documents (SOL-1091)
  • The work item record page now displays when the template title contains special characters (SOL-2009)
  • The work item record page now displays special characters (SOL-2008)
  • Interviews displayed in Hub now render dialog element images (SOL-1886)

1.8.0 (11/14/2016)

  • Integrators can now use the Hub API to edit a work item (SOL-1643)
  • Integrators can now associate an answer set with a work item using the Hub API (SOL-1779)
  • You can now view a work item's details and re-download assembled documents (SOL-1675)

1.7.0 (10/25/2016)

  • You can now view a list of work items for which you have access permissions (SOL-1163)
  • You can now import Active Directory users and user groups when using Internet Explorer (SOL-1853)
  • The work item details page now displays template titles (SOL-1845)

1.6.0 (10/12/2016)

  • Integrators can now use the Hub API to retrieve multiple work items (SOL-1082)

1.5.0 (09/28/2016)

  • Root Administrators can now enable work items for a tenancy. Users in that tenancy can now use the Work Items area to create a new work item, complete the associated interview and download any assembled documents.(SOL-1087, SOL-1108, SOL 1670)
  • The Hub cookie name is now HotDocsHubUI.Cookies and, if needed, you can edit this as a webconfig setting (SOL-1751)

1.4.0 (09/13/2016)

  • Integrators can now call the Template Hub API from any client with appropriate claims (SOL-1524)

1.3.0 (08/30/2016)

  • The Template Hub API now uses template package IDs to identify templates, instead of instance-specific IDs (SOL-1600)
  • Integrators can now call the Tenancy Resolver application from any client with appropriate claims (SOL-1474)
  • Administrators can now import an Active Directory group into the Hub without also importing its users (SOL-1239)
  • Users in descendent groups of imported Active Directory groups can now log in to Hub (SOL-1237)

1.2.0 (08/12/2016)

  • On-premise installations of Hub can now use HotDocs Cloud Services for document assembly (SOL-1318)
  • You can now change your password on the change password screen after your first login (SOL-1179)
  • The HotDocs interview page now resizes to prevent an unnecessary scrollbar from displaying (SOL-1106)

1.1.0 (07/26/2016)

  • You are now warned if the security certificate thumbprint used for on-premise installations contains non-alphanumeric characters. (SOL-1154)
  • Text in password reset e-mails is now correctly sized. (SOL-1003)
  • Improvements to user interface layouts and text. (IM-218, IM-179, SOL-1026, SOL-714)

1.0.6 (06/21/2016)

  • Interviews displayed in Hub now render dialog element images. (SOL-864)
  • Hub applications now display version numbers on their landing pages. (SOL-253)
  • The Hub user interface application now supports IE9 and IE10. (SOL-1013)
  • Multiple documents produced by a single assembly now have filenames corresponding to their template title and order of assembly. (SOL-790)

1.0.5 (05/16/2016)

  • Tenancy Administrators can now assign user group access permissions to template groups. (IM-136)
  • Tenancy Administrators can now retrieve template content using the Template Hub API when Hub user management is enabled. (SOL-899)
  • The Hub user interface has reduced loading times on first load and when loading after time spent idle. (SOL-724)
  • Tenancy Administrators now have access to all templates and groups in their tenancy. (SOL-871)
  • Tenancy Administrators can now edit an existing user's role. (SOL-779)

1.0.4 (03/16/2016)

  • On-premise installations of HotDocs Hub can now retrieve user data from an Active Directory server.