HDInterviewOptions DisableOnSubmit Field  

This determines whether or not buttons, input fields, and other controls on the interview are disabled (by overlaying them with a translucent HTML DIV) when answers are being submitted to the server. The default is true.
JavaScript API: Direct
Assembly: api.js Version: (





var DisableOnSubmit

Field Value

Type: boolean


We recommend leaving the default behavior in place; disabling the interview prevents unintentional clicks while the form data is transferred and the server is responding to the request.

However, one scenario where you may wish to set HDDisableOnSubmit to false (thus suppressing the default behavior) might be where you are registering a handler for the PreHDSubmit event, and you are already taking some other action in that handler that effectively disables form controls. For example, if you are already overlaying your own div atop the interview (in response to PreHDSubmit), then the DIV HotDocs uses to disable the form becomes redundant.

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