HDInterviewOptions Object
This object, if you define it in the global scope in JavaScript, will be used by HotDocs during interview initialization. Any properties you leave off your HDInterviewOptions object will inherit the default behavior. Likewise, if you do not declare an HDInterviewOptions object at all, all properties will inherit the default behavior as dictated by the server.

JavaScript API: Direct
Assembly: api.js Version: (

Direct.HDInterviewOptions = function();


The HDInterviewOptions type exposes the following members.


Public methodCode exampleOnInit
This method, if present on the HDInterviewOptions object, will be called before HotDocs builds the interview. You can use this method to perform any necessary interview pre-processing or customization, such as adding custom buttons to the interview toolbar or registering interview event handlers.

Public fieldCode exampleBrowserWarning
By default HotDocs browser interviews display a warning during interview initialization if an unsupported browser or operating system is detected. Setting this variable to false suppresses that warning.
Public fieldDisableOnSubmit
This determines whether or not buttons, input fields, and other controls on the interview are disabled (by overlaying them with a translucent HTML DIV) when answers are being submitted to the server. The default is true.
Public fieldFinishWarning
When set to false, suppresses the browser interview's default behavior of warning the user before he or she submits an interview accidentally or which may be in an incomplete state. (The default value is true.)
Public fieldFooterHeight
The number of pixels to reserve below the browser interview when HDInterviewOptions.Height (or formerly, HDInterviewHeight) is set to "auto" and the actual height of the interview's HTML DIV is being calculated. Irrelevant when HDInterviewOptions.Height is set to anything other than "auto".
Public fieldHeight
The requested height of the HotDocs browser interview. If not specified, the default value is "auto" (see Remarks below).
Public fieldCode exampleLanguageModule
An object (associative array) containing one or more language modules to load. The name of each item in array is the name of the language module (e.g., "en-GB") and the value is the URL from which the JavaScript file containing the language module can be downloaded.
Public fieldLeaveWarning
Specifies whether the end user will be warned if they try to close or navigate away from the interview page without submitting their answers to the host application.
Public fieldLoadingTimeout
[int] The number of seconds to wait for interview definitions to load. The default is 30. If you set this to a number less than or equal to 0, the interview will wait indefinitely.
Public fieldLocale
The name of the language module that will be loaded and used by HotDocs when presenting this interview. Browser language modules dictate date and number formatting, calendars, all built-in user interface text, etc. The name is formed by combining a two-letter language code with a regional code; If no value is specified, the default is "en-US" (US English).
Public fieldOutlineWidth
Specifies the initial width (in pixels) for the interview outline component of the interview outline.
Public fieldProgressBar
Determines whether the interview progress bar (new for HotDocs 11) is displayed or not. The default is true.
Public fieldRequiredAsterisk
Specifies whether an asterisk will be appended to the prompt of any variable for which a value is always required. Such prompts are normally highlighted in an alternate color (as dicatated by the interview style sheet) until they have been answered, but this option causes asterisks to be shown as well (even after the variables have been answered). Defaults to false.
Public fieldResourceHeight
Specifies the initial height (in pixels) of the resource pane. Defaults to 100 if not specified.
Public fieldSplashScreen
An object (associative array) containing the definition of a custom splash screen to display while the interview is loading.
Public fieldWidth
The requested width of the HotDocs browser interview. If not specified, the default value is "auto" (see Remarks below).

HDInterviewOptions was introduced in HotDocs 11 as a way to consolidate the many separate global variables used to initialize various interview options in prior versions of HotDocs Server. Those "legacy" global variables (e.g., HDInterviewWidth) are still available and functional, but they are now deprecated and new (or updated) integrations should use HDInterviewOptions instead.

HDInterviewOptions = { Width: 800, Height: 500, Locale: "de-DE" }
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