HDInterviewOptionsHeight Field
The requested height of the HotDocs browser interview. If not specified, the default value is "auto" (see Remarks below).

JavaScript API: Direct
Assembly: api.js Version: (

var Height

Field Value

Type: string

In cases where an interview contains more questions than can fit on the screen at one time, the interview will typically show its own vertical scroll bar. It can be awkward if the containing web page displays a scroll bar as well.

A value of "auto" will cause the height of the HTML DIV containing the interview to scale relative to the current window size. The actual height will reflect the height of the browswer window's client area MINUS the vertical offset of the interview within the window. The net effect is that specifying "auto" for the height will cause the interview to take up all available vertical space in the window. Vertical space can be reserved at the bottom of the window (to leave room for additional page elements, for example) using the HDInterviewOptions.FooterHeight property (formerly HDBottomMargin).

If you specify a value besides "auto", that value must be an absolute number of pixels.

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