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Creating a Client Interview

To gather data from an external client, you send a client interview. When you create a client interview, Advance generates an email containing a personal link to the interview to send to your external user.

You can only create a client interview if a Site Administrator has enabled this feature.
You can only use passphrase authentication if a Site Administrator has enabled this feature.
You can only use SMS authentication if a Site Administrator has enabled this feature.

To create a client interview

You can also create a client interview from an existing work item. In the work item details pane, click Client InterviewClient Interview.

  1. From the Work groups section, select a Work group.
  2. In the upper-right corner of the screen, click Create Create new work item.
  3. Type a new work item Name.
  4. In the Template drop-down list, click a template.
  5. (Optional) Select the sharing settings of your work item.
  6. (Optional) Upload an answer file to use as a set of initial answers for the new work item.
  7. Click Save.
  8. Click Client InterviewClient interview.
  9. Enter the client's details:
    • If you are sending a client interview to an existing client:
      1. In the Existing client tab, select an existing client's details from the drop-down list. Type in the field to search.
    • If you need to add the client's details:
      1. In the New client tab, enter the following client details:
        • Title (required)
        • First name (required)
        • Last name (required)
        • Email address (required)
        • Cell/mobile number and region (required for SMS authentication)

  10. (Optional) If your Advance site has client interview authentication enabled, you can select the kind of authentication you require of the user:

    1. Click Next.
    2. Choose the authentication method:
      • SMS code
      • Passphrase authentication
      • No authentication needed
    3. If choosing SMS code authentication, ensure you have entered the client's telephone number. Either click Back to return to the client details window, or use the Manage client page to edit an existing client.
    4. If choosing passphrase authentication, enter a passphrase for the client interview.
      • You must let your client know this passphrase, e.g. in a telephone call, so they can access the interview.
      • If you do not provide a passphrase, the client will not be prompted to enter a passphrase on clicking the link.
  11. Click Email.

Your email client opens displaying a template email with a link. You can edit the email text before sending; do not edit the link.

    • Alternatively, you can choose to copy the link into another email or document:
      1. In the work item action bar, click Copy link.

The link is copied to your clipboard.

Advance creates a client interview.

The link expires, if not clicked, after 96 hours by default. Edit the Site Settings to change the default expiry time.

Workflow for the external client

The external client:

  1. Receives the email and clicks the link within it.
  2. (Optional) If client interview authentication is required:

    1. Enters the passphrase.

  3. or
    1. Enters the last 4 digits of their cell/mobile number.

    2. Enters the code sent via SMS to their device.

  4. Opens the interview in their browser.
  5. Inputs data using a simplified version of the Advance user interface.
  6. (Optional) Saves progress without submitting:
    1. Clicks Save progress.
  7. Clicks Submit.

Advance submits the interview answers and generates a document.

The client's details show in the Updated field in the details pane.

You cannot access the data until the external user submits their interview.


Problem: Your email does not open

When you click Email, your email does not open, or opens in the wrong programme.


Ensure you have the correct default email client selected on your computer.