HotDocs Advance Application Overview

HotDocs Advance is a web-based tool that facilitates document automation. With Advance, you can easily organize uploaded templates, launch interviews, and download assembled documents. Whether you need to generate loan applications, court forms, sales proposals, business contracts, medical forms, or any other type of document, HotDocs Advance streamlines the process.


HotDocs Advance is a user-friendly web application that enables you to deploy and manage templates created with HotDocs Author or Developer. You can organize and manage your uploaded templates, launch interviews to gather data from template users, and download assembled documents containing the data entered by the template users. With HotDocs Advance, you can generate an infinite number of similar (but individualized) documents from a single template. 

Quick Start

See the Quick Start guide for steps explaining how to log in and get started using Advance.

Common Tasks

Among others, the HotDocs Advance web application enables you to perform the following common tasks:


After uploading your templates to the HotDocs Advance web application, you can use it to deliver interviews and assemble any number of individualized documents based on those templates. To get started, assign an uploaded template to a Work Group based on department, topic area, or other criteria. Once the template in a Work Group, you can create a Work Item, which enables you to launch a data-gathering interview based on a selected template. Once the template user completes the interview, the Work Item provides a link to download the assembled document—the client-specific document that contains information gathered in the interview, in the locations you specified when you created your template.


For information on licensing, contact HotDocs sales and support.