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User Access to Templates Overview

Once you upload a template, you need to make it accessible to users. This enables users to assemble documents based on the template.


In HotDocs Advance, templates are assigned to work groups or quick document groups. Users are assigned to user groups. Only users in a user group which has been assigned to the template's work group or quick document group can assemble documents from the template.




Relationship between Users and Templates

Access Permissions are used by administrators to control users' access to templates.

For example, you may wish to prevent a user in a Sales department from accessing the templates used in an HR department.

User permissions control access to templates through the relationship between user groups and work groups / quick document groups.

Permissions in Advance are assigned as follows:

  • Templates are assigned to Work groups or Quick document groups
  • Users are assigned to User groups
  • User groups are assigned to Work groups or Quick document  groups

Access to templates is controlled as users may only access templates assigned to a work group or quick document group to which their user group is assigned. For example:

  • The Employment Agreement template is assigned to the Employment Contracts work group.
  • The user David Johnson is assigned to the Human Resources user group.
  • The Human Resources user group is assigned to the Employment Contracts work group.
  • Therefore, the user David Johnson has access to the Employment Agreement template.

You must be a Site Administrator or Content Administrator to manage Access Permissions.

Common Tasks

Among others, access permissions enable you to perform the following common tasks:


Once you upload your template to HotDocs Advance, you assign the template to a work group. You can grant access permissions to the work group to a user group. Users in the assigned user group can then assemble the template.