Quick Documents Overview

A quick document enables you to complete an interview and download a document without saving data to Advance. This is useful if you need to assemble frequently created or simple documents you do not need to revisit.

Once you download the document you create, you will not be able to reopen the interview or retrieve your answers. If you want to store or revisit your documents or collaborate with colleagues you should create a work item.


Using a quick document ensures that your document, and the answers you enter, are not stored in HotDocs Advance. Quick documents function in contrast to work items, where the interview answers and assembled documents are retained so you can access them later.

No colleagues or administrators will have access to your quick documents and you cannot collaborate on your answer data. Once you assemble and download your document, you will not be able to reopen the interview or access the documents via Advance. Advance does not retain any confidential data relating to your documents.

Quick documents are also useful when you want to assemble a document, such as a cover note or leave application, which, once downloaded, you do not need to revisit.

Controlling User Access to Quick Documents

User access to Quick Documents is controlled through quick document groups. Quick document groups function similarly to work groups: template users can only access templates in quick document groups to which their user groups are assigned. See User Access to Templates Overview for more information.

Common Tasks

The Quick Documents feature enables you to perform the following common tasks:


You select a template from Your Quick Documents on the menu bar and complete the interview. Once you have completed the interview, you can download the assembled document.

Common Reference Topics

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