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User Management Overview

The Manage users section of HotDocs Advance enables you to create, edit and activate user accounts.


Users are individual user accounts used to login to Advance. Using the Manage users page in the Administration section of Advance, you can create and manage users.

You can assign several administrative roles used by Advance, each with different capabilities; for example, users must have an Author role to upload templates.

To access templates, you can assign users to user groups.

You must have a Site Administrator role to view the Manage Users section of HotDocs Advance

Common Tasks


You will typically create new users after initial configuration of HotDocs Advance is complete (including creation of work groups) and whenever you subsequently need to add new users. You can edit or deactivate users as necessary. You can assign users to user groups.

Invitation E-mail

When you create a user, Advance will send them an e-mail, inviting them to log into the Advance site. You can also de-select the Send invitation email option on the create user dialog; in this case, the invitation e-mail is not sent. However, you can also send the invitation e-mail from the user details page.

If the user to which you are sending the invitation e-mail already exists in another Advance site, the e-mail will prompt them to log into the new site using their existing user name and password. Otherwise, the e-mail will prompt the user to log into Advance using a temporary link. The linked page will prompt the user to set their password.

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