Advance API Overview

The HotDocs Advance API is designed to enable integration of Advance functionality into third-party applications. This opens up a range of workflows, which can be customized to meet your specific requirements. One of the possibilities offered by the Advance API is the ability to embed HotDocs interviews into your own application.


HotDocs Advance is a powerful web-based tool that allows you to deploy templates created with HotDocs Author or Developer, collect data, and generate documents. With the HotDocs Advance Web API, you can programmatically manage your HotDocs Advance installation. By making API calls, you can manage and organize your templates, launch interviews to gather data from template users, and download assembled documents that contain the data entered by users. The API provides a powerful way to integrate HotDocs Advance into your existing workflows and applications.

Some of the typical use-cases include:

  • Embedding a HotDocs interview in your own application.
  • Creating new work items, using your application data to pre-populate the HotDocs interview.
  • Retrieving details of all new work items created during a particular time-frame.
  • Processing assembled documents in your own application.

The HotDocs Advance Web API uses REST with resource endpoints, supporting standard HTTP verbs and response codes while returning JSON responses. For authentication, the API uses authorization flows and client credential grants.


To help API users who may not be familiar with using HotDocs Advance, this documentation includes a comprehensive guide to the key concepts and tasks required to effectively utilize the API. 

API calls must be enabled in your Advance tenancy by a Root Administrator.

  • Getting StartedThis section guides you through the process of authenticating with the HotDocs Advance API and making your first request.
  • API Reference - In this section, you'll find detailed descriptions of all the available resources and the key concepts you need to understand when using HotDocs and the Advance API.
  • Using the API - This section outlines the various tasks you can accomplish using the API. If you're new to the API, you may find the Recipes section particularly helpful, as it provides step-by-step guidance for common use cases.
  • Code Examples - To help you get started quickly, this section provides code examples for some key tasks.