Creating a Public Interview Link

The Create public interview link API method enables you to generate a public interview link to an interview which you can place on your website.


Before making a 'create public interview link' request, you must have an access token to sign the request. You can retrieve an access token using one of the following flows:

Additionally, you must have the following items in the tenancy in which you are creating the public interview link:

  • Client interviews must be enabled
  • A work group  – the ID of a work group in your tenancy is required when making the request
  • A template package – the ID of a template package uploaded to your tenancy is required when making the request


The 'create public interview link' API method is a command method. The API client invoking this method must have either a command or a root scope.

This method is useful when you want to gather data from an unknown external user, such as a prospect. When you create a public interview link, Advance generates a link to the interview which you can place on your website.


See Authentication for more information about authenticating requests to the Advance API.

API Documentation

You can view the latest reference documentation for the Advance API at, where is the domain under which your Advance deployment is located.


Request URL

PUT https://{tenancymoniker}.{domain}/HdaApi/rest/v1.1/PublicInterviewLinks/{publicInterviewLinkId}


Key Required Description Example value
Authorization Yes The Authorization header for the request. Uses the access token retrieved (see Prerequisites section above for more information). Bearer [access token]


Name Type Location Required Description
tenancymoniker String URL Yes The tenancy moniker for the tenancy in which you want to create the new work item.
domain String URL Yes Your domain. For example,
publicInterviewLinkId Guid URL Yes The ID that identifies the public interview link. The ID cannot be the same as that of an existing public interview link.
name String Request body   Yes A friendly description to identify the public interview link.
templatePackageId Guid Request body Yes The ID for an existing template package. The template package must be:
  • Activated; and
  • Assigned to the work group specified above
The live version of the template package is always used to create the work item.
workGroupId Guid Request body   Yes The ID for an existing work group.
isActive Boolean Request body   No The status of the public interview link. Defaults to true.


Example Request URL

Example Request JSON


    "name": "Onboarding Link",

    "templatePackageId": "0ef6a9be-b007-4d7d-83f1-9d56f931cd0f",

    "workGroupId": "cb97f8d6-04a1-490a-aa09-92af12dfb305",

    "isActive": true


Example Response

Status: 204 The public interview link has been successfully created or updated

Error responses:

Status: 400 The work group does not exist or the template does not exist, or is not part of the work group or is not enabled.

Status: 403 Client interviews are not enabled on the tenancy.