Advance Root Application Overview

The Advance Root Application is the back-end interface of Advance which Root Administrators use to manage your on-premise installation. For example, you can use the root application to create a site and manage Site Administrators.


Root Administrators use the Advance root application to manage tenancies. Logging into this application provides you with a user interface to manage the tenancies and Site Administrators in your Advance deployment. Only Root Administrators can create and edit tenancies.

Common Tasks

Among others, you can use the Advance root application to perform the following common tasks:


You log in to the Advance Root Application to manage tenancies and root users.


The URL for the root application typically looks like If you changed the default RootWebAppName value or the default RootSubDomain value in the installer settings file, the root application may have a different name. The Advance root application is not exposed to site users.

Advance Root Application Administrative Roles

Root Administrator

The Root Administrator is the initial default administrator user created when you install HotDocs Advance on-premise. You can also allocate the Root Administrator role to any new users you create in Advance.

A Root Administrator can perform the following actions:

Root User Administrator

The Root User Administrator can administer users at a tenancy level in an on-premise HotDocs Advance installation.

A Root User Administrator can perform the following actions: