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Creating a Computation Using Component Studio

Most often, when you create a computation, you do so from within Component Studio as you seek to provide a value for a variable or for use in another computation.

You can also create a computation from HotDocs Field Editor.

Creating a Computation using Component Studio

  1. Open Component Studio.
  2. From the Component Studio ribbon, click New; then under Other Components, select Computation.
  3. Type a Name for the computation; then click the Result Type drop-down list, and select the type of result you want the computation to produce.
    1. (Optional) Next to Parameters, click + to add a parameter; then type a parameter Name, and then from the Type drop-down list, select the parameter type, and click OK.
  4. Click OK. The Computation Editor then appears.
  5. (Optional) Edit any properties you want in the Script, Behavior, and Notes tabs.
  6. Use the Script tab to create the script for your computation.
  1. When you finish, click Save.

You can use computations without having to place the resulting value into the template. You might want to use a series of computations or use the computation to affect interview behavior.

  1. (Optional) Open your template and select the text you want to replace, or position the cursor where you want to add a placeholder field that references your computation.

If you use Component Studio to create several components, you can dramatically benefit from using the Fast Field Insertion tool to add placeholder fields to your template.

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