HotDocs Author Tab

The HotDocs Author tab is a part of the HotDocs Author Add-in for Word. The tab appears in the Microsoft Word ribbon directly to the right of the standard ribbon tabs. You use the HotDocs Author tab to access many of the Author tools you need to create and edit DOCX templates. it provides access to Author tools (such as Component Studio) and functionality, such as setting template properties, changing field appearance, testing the template, etc.

Common Tasks

The HotDocs Author tab in the Word Ribbon

When you are editing a template within Microsoft Word, you can use the HotDocs Author tab of the Word Ribbon to access additional HotDocs features. What you see on the Author tab depends on whether you select the tab in a regular DOCX Word document, or a HotDocs template.

If you have both HotDocs Author and HotDocs Developer/Developer LE installed on your computer you may see both the Author and Developer tabs appear when you are viewing something other than a HotDocs Template. If you want to turn the current document into a HotDocs template you need to use the correct tab's options, for example if you want to create a HotDocs Author template you would select the option from the HotDocs Author tab rather than the Developer tab.

Word Document View

The Word document view is what you see on the tab when you open a regular Word DOCX document. In this case, there is only a single button available:

Button What it Does
Create Template Only appears when you are editing a Word DOCX file that is not a HotDocs template. Enables you to create a DOCX template based on your current document.

Groups View

When you open a HotDocs DOCX template, the regular Author tab view appears, and the tab is divided into the following groups:

  • Template
  • View
  • Author

Template Group

The Template group contains those buttons that enable you to test your template and change its properties:

Button What it Does
Test Opens the Test Interview Window to test the template.
Template Properties Opens the Template Properties window, where you can edit general, interview behavior, assembly behavior and hidden data removal options for the current template.
Field Appearance Opens the Field Appearance dialog where you can edit how the HotDocs fields appear in the template.

View Group

The View group enables you open or toggle between opening and closing those Author interface elements that help you to accomplish your work in the template:

Button What it Does
Component Studio Opens the Component Studio window, where you can create, edit, delete, rename, and copy components.
Field Editor Opens or closes the Field Editor pane in Word. When open, the button has a blue background. When closed, the button's background matches the other buttons on the HotDocs Author tab.
Tutorials Only appears when a tutorial template is open. Opens or closes the Tutorials pane, which appears on the left of the currently open document. This pane appears by default when you open a document from your Tutorials workspace. When open, the button has a blue background. When closed, the button's background matches the other buttons on the HotDocs Author tab.

Author Group

The Author group provides access to the elements that relate to the Author application as a whole:

Button What it Does
Go to Workspace Either starts HotDocs and opens the appropriate Workspace Explorer, or brings the Workspace Explorer to the front if it is already open.
Help Opens a menu of options:
  • View Help: Launches a browser displaying the documentation for HotDocs Author
  • Suggest Features – launches the HotDocs User Suggestions website that enables you to suggest new features you want added to HotDocs and to comment on and vote for suggestions made by other HotDocs users
  • About Author Add-in: Shows information about the version of the Author software

Update License

The update license view only appears as needed:

Button What it Does
Update License Only appears when your copy of HotDocs Author lacks a valid license. Instructs you to contact HotDocs Author to obtain a valid license key. Starting HotDocs Author enables you input your new license.