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UNGRAY ALL Instruction

The UNGRAY ALL instruction re-enables all previously grayed components on the dialog, enabling the template user to interact with them.

The UNGRAY ALL instruction is only available when you are creating a dialog script in the Script tab of the dialog editor.

After you use the GRAY or GRAY ALL instruction to stop the template user from interacting with a component, you may need to later ungray all of the variables on the dialog. For example, when the template user meets a required condition and the previously grayed variables are now relevant. When there are multiple components to ungray, you can use the UNGRAY ALL instruction instead of spending the extra time to UNGRAY each individual instruction.

Instruction name Model After you drag and drop the model into the script tab:
UNGRAY ALL UNGRAY ALL You don't need to do anything further with this model.


A template author is creating a template for a last will and testament. In one dialog they have 10 variables about the template user's children that are only relevant if the template user has children. Rather than asking the template user potentially irrelevant questions, the template author can create a new True/False variable on the dialog:

TestatorChildren – A True/False variable which asks "Do you have any children?" and the end-user must select Yes or No.

The template author then adds the following script to the script tab of the dialog editor:


UNGRAY  TestatorChildren  

IF  TestatorChildren  



When the dialog opens HotDocs first grays all of the variables, then immediately ungrays the TestatorChildren True/False variable so the template user can choose whether the rest of the variables apply to them. If they select Yes, then the condition on the IF instruction is met and the rest of the components become active, enabling the template user to answer further interview questions. If they select No, then the 10 questions about children remain gray and unaccessible. The END IF instruction here closes the conditional region of the script.