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Welcome to the HotDocs User Resources page. You can contribute to or make use of the following resources:


For further help, please see the CARET Support website.

For software updates, please see HotDocs Software Updates

Troubleshooting - Classic Help Files

Some Downloaded CHMs Don't Display Contents

Different browsers handle downloading Microsoft's Compiled HTML Help (CHM) files differently. With some browsers, even though you download and save the file to your local hard drive, the default behaviour is to hide the CHM's contents; however, you can easily rectify this.

To enable a CHM for viewing:

  1. Save the CHM file to your hard drive.
  2. Right-click on the saved CHM file and choose Properties; then on the General tab click Unblock.
  3. Click OK.

Documentation Feedback

To improve the quality of the help files, we invite you to make comments or suggestions. When doing so, please include as much information about your experience using the documentation as possible. For example, if commenting about a specific topic, include the name of the topic in your feedback.

E-mail your comments and suggestions to

The HotDocs Publications team cannot respond to technical support or project consulting issues. We are mainly interested in problems with the documentation itself—such as erroneous information, grammatical and spelling errors, or suggestions for topics to include in the next release of the software.