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This site contains documentation for the following product areas:

HotDocs Advance Release Notes
HotDocs Developer Upload Plug-in (for HotDocs Advance) Release Notes
HotDocs Advance On-Premise Install and Admin Guide
HotDocs Advance On-Premise Admin Guide
HotDocs Advance Cloud Admin Guide
HotDocs Author Release Notes
HotDocs Author User Guide
HotDocs Core Assembly Service Release Notes
HotDocs Core Assembly Service User Guide
HotDocs Core Assembly Service JavaScript API       (Interview Generation)
HotDocs Core Assembly Service Web API       (Document Assembly)
HotDocs Developer 11 Web Help
Additional HotDocs Developer 11 Help Files
HotDocs Server Web Help
Browser Interview Release Notes
Additional HotDocs Server Help Files
HotDocs Hub for On-Premise Admin Guide (1.46.0)
HotDocs Hub for On-Premise User Guide (1.46.0)
HotDocs Hub Cloud Services User Guide
HotDocs Hub Release Notes
Upload Plugin for HotDocs Developer Release Notes
Older Versions of HotDocs Hub for On-Premise
HotDocs Market Subscriber and User Support Guide Guide (pdf)
HotDocs Market Publisher Onboarding Kit(pdf)
HotDocs Market Release Notes
Document Services User Guide
Document Services Release Notes (EU)
Document Services Release Notes (US)
Document Services Site User's Guide (pdf)
Document Services Site Administrator's Guide (pdf)
Other HotDocs Products
Other HotDocs Resources