Alternate Text List Overview

An alternate text list is a type of component that enables you to define text values to place into the final assembled document in place of a Multiple Choice variable's options. For example, suppose you create three options (A, B, and C) on a Multiple Choice variable. If the following text strings make sense in the context of these options, you might choose to create a list text component containing values of Apple, Banana, and Cantaloupe. While you specify the Multiple Choice variable's options and prompts directly in the Multiple Choice variable editor (whether accessed through the HotDocs Field Editor, or in Component Studio), if you want to use alternate text for each option you create in the Multiple choice variable, you need to create an Alternate Text List component. If you do this and then add the alternate text (by selecting Use alternate text for each option in the Multiple Choice editor or in the Field Editor) HotDocs places these text values into the final document (in place of the Multiple Choice variable's options) during document assembly.

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  1. Common Tasks
  2. Differences Between Multiple Choice Options and Alternate Text

Common Tasks

Among others, the Alternate Text List Component enables you to perform the following common tasks:

Differences Between Multiple Choice Options and Alternate Text

There are actually three parts to a Multiple Choice variable:

If you are using alternate text in a computation, you must type quotations and chevrons around the Multiple Choice variable name, otherwise HotDocs uses the option text in the computation instead. For example typing "«MCVariable»" tells HotDocs to use the alternative text values, but typing MCVariable tells HotDocs to use the option text instead.