HotDocs Developer 11* Advanced Tutorials

In addition to the tutorials that come with HotDocs Developer 11, a number of other tutorials are available on a wide-range of advanced topics:

  • Add a Link to a Dialog that Runs a Computation Script
  • Automate a Nonstandard Table in Automator
  • Change Multiple Choice Variable Options During the Interview
  • Combine Answers from Two Repeated Dialogs into One Dialog
  • Create a Marked Up Version of a Template
  • Create an Intake Interview and Associate its Answers with Another Template
  • Create and Format Dialog Element Text
  • Create Parameters for Use in Computations
  • Create Multiple Documents from a Single Template
  • Customize Addendum Information for Tables that Overflow
  • Customize an Answer Source for Two Different Dialogs
  • Customize Dialog Titles for Each Repetition
  • Format Captions in Text Templates
  • Insert a Clause Library in a Template
  • Join or Separate Answers in a Text String
  • Use Default and Overlay Answer Files
  • Work with Automator Field Properties

* You can find the HotDocs Developer 10 Advanced Tutorials on the Previous Versions page.

HDI Files

These advanced tutorials are available for download as HotDocs Auto-Install (.HDI) files. When you install these files, a new HotDocs library containing sample templates and instructions (in PDF format) for each of the tutorials is created on your computer.

Some tutorials cover features available only in specific versions of HotDocs. Also, you can right-click the link below and then choose Save Target As to download the files without automatically installing them. Once they are downloaded, you can then double-click the files to launch HotDocs and install the tutorial files, or you can launch HotDocs, and then from the File menu, choose Install Templates.

To download and install the additional tutorials for HotDocs 11

  1. Click here to download the .HDI file for HotDocs 11. If the File Download dialog box appears, click Open. The Install Template Set dialog box appears.
  2. Accept the default locations HotDocs suggests for both the library file and the templates; then click OK. The templates are installed and the new library opens.