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Creating an Option Source

You use a selection variable to present your template user with a list of options; if you do not yet have a source for that list of options and do not wish to use a built-in table, you can create an option source, either in Component Studio, or from the HotDocs Field Editor.

To create an option source in Component Studio

  1. Decide which component type you want to use as an option source (Fixed Table Component, Table Variable, Repeated Dialog, external data source).
  2. If you have not yet done so, create a Fixed Table Component, Table Variable, Repeated Dialog, or external data source.
  3. In the component you created, decide which column you want to mark as a key (to ensure the data in each row is unique), then select the Key box next to that column.
  4. If you do not yet have one, create a Single Select or Multi Select variable and, (optionally) add a placeholder field to your template where you want.
  5. In the selection variable, from the Option Source drop-down list, select the component you want to use as an option source.
  6. (Optional) If you want to display a different list of options in the interview than those contained in the key column, from the Option Labels drop-down list, choose another column.

To create an option source in the HotDocs Field Editor

  1. Start adding a placeholder for a selection variable (either Single Select or Multi Select). Once you add the name of the selection variable to the Variable field, in the Option Source box, type the name of the new option source; then click Create and Set.
  2. From this field, click the Edit button; then in the component editor, add columns (declaring at least one a key) and row data as applicable.
  3. (Optional) If you want HotDocs to replace a placeholder with different values than those in the option source's first key column, select the placeholder field for your selection variable; then in the HotDocs Field Editor, from the Column drop-down list, select the column you want whose values you want HotDocs to replace the placeholder field with during document assembly.
  4. Click Add Field.