HotDocs Advance Roles and Permissions

Advance has a set of predefined user roles which enable users to perform specific actions for their role.

For example, as an Integration Administrator or Site Administrator, you can manage action links, webhooks, and workflow.

Advance Roles and Permissions

The following table displays a list of user permissions and the user roles to which they apply.

Permissions Roles
Site Admin Integration Admin Content Admin Author Template User
Configure Advance Configure HotDocs Advance        
Manage work items Create work items with assigned work group
  Create new private work items within assigned work group
  Delete work items created by other users        
  Edit privacy status of work items        
Edit privacy status of existing work items for which they are the owner
  Rename work items        
  Rename work items for which they are the owner
  Collaborate on work items shared in their work group
  Copy a work item in their work groups or for which they are the owner
  Download assembled documents for work items in their work groups which are shared or for which they are the owner
  Open interviews for private work items for which they are the owner
Manage work groups Add templates to work groups      
  Assign user permissions to work groups      
  Create new work groups      
  Edit work groups      
Manage users Create new users        
  Edit user details        
Manage user groups Create new user groups        
  Edit user groups        
Manage clients Manage clients for client interviews
Manage public interview links Manage public interview links        
Manage templates Upload templates    
  Upload new versions of templates    
Manage integrations Manage action links      
  Manage webhooks      
  Manage workflow