Template Links Overview

template link is a URL that links to a specific template in HotDocs Advance. When a user opens the URL, Advance prompts them to create a new work item using the linked template. Template links enable you to include contextually-relevant links to HotDocs templates within your own content.


Template links provide a way to add a hyperlink to a specific template in your internal systems. For example, in a law firm's knowledge base article about commercial leases, you can include a link to a commercial lease contract template in Advance. When a user searches the knowledge base for information, they can click the link and immediately start creating a new commercial lease.

Advance displays template links in the template details pane as a hyperlink labeled Link. To include these links in your own content you copy the template link

Template links will only appear in the template details pane if your template:

Unlike public interview links, where a link can be opened by external users, template links can only be opened by users with an Advance account.


To use a template link, you copy the link from the template details pane in Advance and paste it into your own content. When a user clicks the link, they are prompted to log in to Advance and create a new work item using the linked template. Once the work item is created, the user can add data through an interview.

Work Item Details

When a user clicks a template link, the following details are required to create the new work item:

  • Work item name — a unique name for the work item
  • Work group — the work group to which the work item is assigned

You can either set these details for your users or allow your users to enter the details themselves. You set work item details using template link options.

Work Item Name

The work item name field displays a default name. This uses the format: [user's name]-[template name]-[timestamp]. For example, John Smith-Commercial Lease-8641631267725. If you have specified the work item name using the template link options, the user will not be able to edit it.

Work Group

The work group field is a drop-down list of the work groups available to the user. Users must have access to at least one of the work groups to which the linked template is assigned. If you have specified the work group using the template link options, the user will not be able to change it.

Template Link Options 

You can customize a template link by adding parameters to the query string of the template link URL. For example, you can set the work item name, work group, or set the template link to bypass the Create Work Item dialog automatically.

See the following topics for more information:

Please note that data in the query string could be present in logs. Excluding sensitive data is advised.