Installing HotDocs Hub with Active Directory Overview

This document is a step-by-step guide to installing the HotDocs Hub with Active Directory, as part of an on-premise solution. You must complete each step in order when deploying the Hub to your environment.

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The following provides a high-level overview of how Active Directory and HotDocs Hub interact.

Component Responsibilities

  • Active Directory provides user account management and authentication.
  • HotDocs Hub User Hub component provides user authorization.

Hub Installation

  • Active Directory must already be installed and joined to a domain.

Root User

  • You set an existing Active Directory user account as the initial Hub root user
  • The root user is the only user that can initially log in to the Hub.

Importing User Accounts from Active Directory

  • The root user imports Active Directory groups into the Hub, using the Hub user interface.
  • Importing Active Directory groups creates new Hub user accounts for all imported users.
  • Active Directory users can log into the Hub using their standard domain login credentials.

1. Pre-installation

Check system requirements are met and security configuration is understood before installing the HotDocs Hub.

  1. System Requirements
  2. Security Configuration Options
  3. Installation Files Checklist

2. Install and Configure Prerequisites

  1. Install HotDocs Server
  2. Configure SQL Server
  3. Install HotDocs Web Services

3. HotDocs Hub Installation

  1. Install HotDocs Hub with Active Directory
  2. Assign permissions for the signing certificate

4. Configure HotDocs Web Services

  1. Configure HotDocs Web Services

5. Post-installation Tasks

After the HotDocs Hub and its prerequisites are installed, complete the following configuration steps:

  1. Getting Started – first steps for using HotDocs Hub after installation
  2. Change the client secret for the Upload Plugin – you must configure the client secret before you can upload templates to Hub

6. Install Software for template authors

Template authors are users that create HotDocs templates. The following software must be installed on template authors' desktop computers:

  1. Install HotDocs Developer – used to develop HotDocs templates

  2. Install the Upload Plugin for HotDocs Developer – used to upload templates from HotDocs Developer to the HotDocs Hub

7. Using HotDocs Hub

After the HotDocs Hub is installed and configured, see the following topics for information about using the Hub:




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