Installation Overview

This document provides an overview of the installation process for HotDocs Hub, including system requirements and configuration information.

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Important Changes to HotDocs Hub

If you are performing an upgrade to Hub, please see Important Changes to HotDocs Hub before using the rest of this guide.

Configuration Settings

It is recommended that you keep a record of all configuration settings used during the installation process; a record of settings makes any future upgrade process easier.

Multiple-level Domain

To ensure your Internet Explorer and Edge users do not have any difficulties logging in to HotDocs Hub, you should configure your Hub site as a multiple level domain (e.g., rather than as a single level domain (e.g. https://server/templatehubui).

Required Knowledge

You should have a working understanding of the following areas to install HotDocs Hub:

  • Internet Information Services (IIS)
  • IIS security configuration
  • Powershell 3.0


You must ensure you have met system requirements and understand HotDocs Hub security configuration.

HotDocs Hub Installation

Install the HotDocs Hub and its prerequisites, using one of the following configurations:

See Security Configuration Options for more information about the different Hub configurations.

Post-installation Tasks

After installing HotDocs Hub and its prerequisites, complete the following configuration steps:

  • Getting Started – first steps for using HotDocs Hub after installation.

Install Software for Template Developers

Template authors are users that create HotDocs templates. Install the following items on template authors' desktop computers:

Using HotDocs Hub

 See the following topics for information about using the Hub:

Upgrade HotDocs Hub

If you are upgrading an existing Hub installation to a later version, see the topics below for information specific to performing an upgrade.

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