At a Glance: The REPEAT Field dialog box


After opening a template to edit, you can open the REPEAT Field dialog box by clicking REPEAT Field on the HotDocs ribbon.

To choose the type of REPEAT field, you can choose either REPEAT Dialog or a REPEAT Database by selecting the pertinent option A.

In the Dialog field B you can type a name for the Dialog or Database, or select from a list of existing components using the drop-down list. You can edit your component using the Edit button C.

You can also select the format, allowing you to punctuate a list of answers in sentence-style D. For example, your list could appear as A, B, and C—with the comma preceding the final item in the list. Click the drop-down button to see a list of formats or type your own format in the text box.

To learn more about using REPEAT fields follow the links below: